Executive Compensation - Aerospace/Defense

Company Executive Title Total Cash Total Compensation
Lockheed Martin Corp. Vance D. Coffman Chairman and CEO $4,984,615.00$25,814,040.00
General Dynamics Corp. Nicholas D. Chabraja Chairman and CEO $3,600,000.00$12,384,234.00
Lockheed Martin Corp. Robert J. Stevens President and COO $2,641,154.00$12,094,933.00
United Defense Industries Inc. Thomas W. Rabaut President and CEO $1,130,940.00$5,544,625.00
Lockheed Martin Corp. Albert E. Smith Executive Vice President $1,408,885.00$5,503,332.00
Lockheed Martin Corp. Dain M. Hancock Executive Vice President $1,440,285.00$5,431,796.00
Lockheed Martin Corp. Robert B. Coutts Executive Vice President $1,408,885.00$5,302,908.00
CACI International Inc. J. P. London Chairman, CEO and President $1,801,172.00$4,049,567.00
United Defense Industries Inc. Francis Raborn CFO $569,143.00$2,821,132.00
CACI International Inc. L. K. Johnson President/U.S. Operations/CACI Inc.-Federal $1,292,806.00$2,667,537.00
General Dynamics Corp. Michael J. Mancuso CFO $985,000.00$2,436,316.00
General Dynamics Corp. Arthur J. Veitch Executive Vice President $950,000.00$2,248,533.00
ManTech International Corp. George J. Pedersen Chairman, CEO and President $1,595,560.00$1,791,893.00
ManTech International Corp. Eugene C. Renzi Executive Vice President $1,222,187.00$1,755,104.00
Orbital Sciences Corp. Garrett E. Pierce Vice Chairman and CFO $1,128,000.00$1,229,085.00
Anteon International Corp. Joseph M. Kampf President and CEO $975,023.00$975,023.00

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