The U.S. has spent at least $2.8 billion under the Commander's Emergency Response Program in Iraq, which lets senior military officials spend money for "urgent humanitarian relief and reconstruction" projects with minimal oversight as part of the counterinsurgency effort. The money has been spread throughout Iraq over the past five years for projects ranging from small payments for doors damaged in raids to multi million-dollar water treatment plants. | About the CERP Database

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The 'De Facto Reconstruction' of Iraq In the five-year struggle to finish the war in Iraq, military leaders and their troops have said a particular weapon is among the most effective in their arsenal: American Cash.

In Ramadi, a Counterinsurgency in Cash Photo GalleryThe reopening of a ceramics factory is one example of how CERP funds are aiding reconstruction efforts in Iraq.

SOURCE: Iraq Reconstruction Management System provided by the Gulf Regional Division of the Army Corps of Engineers as of June 2008. When possible, totals are obligated funds. Many entries had no city or timing and are included in totals even when they are not shown on the map or chart. | CREDITS: Interactive Map and Staff Writer: Sarah Cohen; Staff Writer: Dana Hedgpeth; Editor: Greg Schneider - The Washington Post; Design: Kat Downs; Database: Ryan O'Neil; Web Editor: Alicia Cypress -

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