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Selling at a Loss

Virtually everyone selling a house during the real estate boom years did so at a profit, but since 2007 many have been selling at a loss. In the first quarter of this year, almost two-thirds of sellers got less than what they paid.

Percentage of sellers making a profit on their house

For residential homes bought since 2000 and resold

Change in median value of single-family homes

Median Value of Single-Family Homes

At their peaks, median sales prices in Maryland and Virginia more than doubled from 2000, but now they are up about 80 percent. D.C. is still more than three times as high as 2000.

Change in median value of single-family homes, with 2000 as baseline year* (2000=100)

Change in median value of single-family homes

CREDIT: Data analysis by Dan Keating, Graphic by Nathaniel Vaughn Kelso The Washington Post

NOTE: Analysis of 950,000 arms-length sales. SOURCE: Recorded sales from counties.

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