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The Bottom Line hashes out the most heated up debates on Wall Street and the latest hot topics in the financial community. Read more about the topic and then tell us what you think.

Will the Bush Plan Stimulate the Economy?
The tax cut plan proposed by President Bush, including the elimination of the dividend tax, has drawn much skepticism even from Republicans.
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Outlook for 2003?
While a new year is underway, the economy still faces old problems. What's in store for the economy in 2003?
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Bleak Holiday Season?
The holiday season is the most crucial time for retailers. Will the beleagured economy quell holiday spirits?
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A Roaring Housing Market, But Will It Last?
Stock volatility and low interest rates have made real estate an attractive investment vehicle. But are homes overvalued and is the housing market a bubble waiting to burst?
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Where is the economy headed?
A recent spate of mixed economic reports has analysts debating whether the economy is headed for a double-dip recession or a sustained recovery.
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