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March 2, 1999
Intel, U.S. Set Strategies for Antitrust Trial

Feb. 26, 1999
FTC Chairman Urges Caution On Breakups

July 14, 1998
The Reluctant Trustbuster: Newcomer Orson Swindle Brings Skepticism to FTC

July 14, 1998
Intel Gives No Ground In Reply To Lawsuit: Chip Giant Denies Bullying, Monopoly

June 30, 1998
Intel Loses 1st Round In Battle With FTC: Lengthy Process May Aid Firm in Long Run

June 24, 1998
FTC's PR Offensive Draws Intel's Wrath

June 23, 1998
U.S. Suit Is Unclear, Intel Response Says: Chipmaker Asks Scope of Alleged Monopoly

June 12, 1998
Wrestling for Glory in the Antitrust Arena

June 9, 1998
Guarding Secrets Or Locking Out Rivals?: FTC Focuses on Intel's Withholding of Data In Suit as Narrowly Drawn as Microsoft Case

June 9, 1998
FTC Accuses Intel of Strong-Arm Business Tactics

June 4, 1998
Unlike Microsoft, Intel Uses Light Touch in D.C. Dealings

June 2, 1998
FTC Litigator Urged Intel Suit, Sources Say

May 28, 1998
Antitrust Case Against Intel Is on Horizon

March 27, 1998
Grove Took Intel to the Top

Sept. 26, 1997
Intel Faces Antitrust Inquiry

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