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    Microsoft CEO Bill Gates
Microsoft CEO Bill Gates in an August file photo. (AP)

Following are key Post stories about the Microsoft antitrust trial. To read pre-trial coverage, please visit the Case Timeline. Highlights on this page include:

Latest Stories

December 31, 1998
Microsoft Said to Pressure Intuit

December 29, 1998
Microsoft Chief Deeply Stung by Charges, Associates Say

December 22, 1998
Microsoft Program Treats Greetings as 'Spam'

December 18, 1998
Justice Department Praised, Panned in E-Mail Barrage

December 17, 1998
Microsoft Judge: AOL Deal May Affect Case

December 16, 1998
Gates Says He Doesn't Track Market Share of Windows Products

December 15, 1998
Witness Says Microsoft Browser Can Be Safely Deleted

December 12, 1998
Microsoft Can Remove Browser, Expert Says

December 11, 1998
Judge Joins Questioning on Java

December 10, 1998
In Microsoft Trial, a War of Words
The Judge Has Microsoft in a Hard Place

December 9, 1998
'Operating System' Definition Debated

December 8, 1998
Microsoft Claim Challenged
Gates Escalates PR War Outside Court

December 7, 1998
Newsweek: A Kinder, Gentler Bill

December 4, 1998
Everybody Does It, Microsoft Again Argues

December 3, 1998
Microsoft Says Java Technology Was Intended to Hurt Windows
Bill Gates, Show Stopper
The Spreading Grass-Roots Threat to Microsoft

December 2, 1998
Gates: AOL-Netscape Deal 'Paradoxical'

December 1, 1998
Back to Battle Stations at Microsoft Trial

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