U.S. v. Microsoft
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    Microsoft CEO Bill Gates
Microsoft CEO Bill Gates in an August file photo. (AP)

Following are key Post stories about the Microsoft antitrust trial. To read pre-trial coverage, please visit the Case Timeline. Highlights on this page include:

Latest Stories

February 28, 1999
David Ignatius: The Microsoft Mind-Set

February 27, 1999
Microsoft Rests in Antitrust Trial

February 26, 1999
Trial Focuses On Gateway Document
FTC Chairman Urges Caution On Breakups

February 25, 1999
Microsoft Officials Deny Sabotage

February 24, 1999
Microsoft Defense Cites Job Suggestion

February 23, 1999
Microsoft Witness's Credibility Assailed

February 20, 1999
Compaq Official Cites Microsoft 'Partnership'

February 19, 1999
Judge Sharply Questions Microsoft

February 18, 1999
Microsoft Denies It Tried to Collude

February 17, 1999
Microsoft Understated Netscape's Handicap
David Ignatius: Now for Some Real Courtroom Drama

February 15, 1999
U.S., 19 States Discuss Possible Sanctions Plan for Microsoft

February 12, 1999
Another Video by Microsoft Is Challenged

February 11, 1999
Microsoft Pressure Acknowledged

February 10, 1999
A New Microsoft Tape Elicits Another Admission

February 9, 1999
Microsoft Officer Acknowledges Restriction on Internet Firms

February 5, 1999
Microsoft Counters With New Videotape
Boies Strategy: Casting Doubt on Firm's Credibility

February 4, 1999
Microsoft's Credibility Questioned

February 3, 1999
Microsoft Evidence Backfires

February 2, 1999
Microsoft Video Draws Concessions at Trial

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