U.S. v. Microsoft
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    Microsoft CEO Bill Gates
Microsoft CEO Bill Gates in an August file photo. (AP)

Following are key Post stories about the Microsoft antitrust trial. To read pre-trial coverage, please visit the Case Timeline. Highlights on this page include:

Latest Stories

March 31, 1999
Microsoft, Regulators Begin Antitrust Settlement Talks

March 29, 1999
States to Ask for Changes at Microsoft

March 26, 1999
Microsoft, Prosecutors Set to Discuss Settlement

March 25, 1999
Microsoft Offers to Settle Suit

March 23, 1999
Microsoft to Broach Settlement

March 19, 1999
Microsoft Updates Browser

March 13, 1999
U.S. Allows AOL Deals With Netscape, Sun

March 10, 1999
Microsoft Lets Dell Delete Browser Icon

March 9, 1999
Intel, Microsoft Chose Different Paths on Suits

March 1, 1999
Issue of Consumer Harm Emerges as Key Question in Microsoft Trial

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