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    Microsoft CEO Bill Gates
Microsoft CEO Bill Gates in an August file photo. (AP)

Following are key Post stories about the Microsoft antitrust trial. To read pre-trial coverage, please visit the Case Timeline. Highlights on this page include:

Latest Stories

November 25, 1998
Microsoft Cites Deal, Says Case Should End

November 24, 1998
Microsoft Trial Makes Issue of AOL Bid

November 23, 1998
AOL to Acquire Internet Software Pioneer Netscape in $4 Billion Deal

November 21, 1998
Japan Warns Microsoft On Monopoly
Microsoft on Lookout for Cracks in Its Image

November 20, 1998
A Game of Judicial Roulette
Judge: Gates 'Not Particularly Responsive'

November 19, 1998
Microsoft Cites Java Use in Its Defense

November 18, 1998
Sun Wins Microsoft Injunction in Java Case
Microsoft 'Tools' Called Barriers

November 16, 1998
Newsweek: Case of the Century?
Newsweek: When E-Mail Bites Back

November 14, 1998
Expert Witness Assails Microsoft
Chat: Post Reporter Rajiv Chandrasekaran Discusses the Microsoft Antitrust Trial

November 13, 1998
Microsoft Attacks Credibility of Intel Exec

November 12, 1998
Gates Stays on Attack at Meeting

November 11, 1998
Microsoft Says Intel Bullied Customers
Gates Blasts U.S. Case Against Microsoft
Newsweek: Here Comes The Judge

November 10, 1998
Gates Made Blunt Threat To Intel, Executive Testifies

November 9, 1998
Intel Official May Offer Insight on Microsoft's Marketing
Our World According to Microsoft

November 6, 1998
Microsoft Lawyer Draws Judge's Ire

November 5, 1998
Microsoft Hits Claim of Sabotage

November 4, 1998
Microsoft Contends Dealmaking Is Common in Tech Industry
Microsoft Unveiling New Browser

November 3, 1998
Fidgety Gates Denies Bullying His Competitors
Excerpts From Bill Gates's Deposition in Microsoft Antitrust Trial
Dealings With Apple Explored
Microsoft Paper Talked Of Blunting Rival Threat

October Stories

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