U.S. vs. Microsoft
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    Microsoft CEO Bill Gates
Microsoft CEO Bill Gates in an August file photo. (AP)

Following are key Post stories about the Microsoft antitrust trial. To read pre-trial coverage, please visit the Case Timeline. Highlights on this page include:

Latest Stories

October 31, 1998
Apple Says Microsoft Misused Market Clout
At AOL, an End to Detente

October 30, 1998
Microsoft Presses Court Attack on Rivals

October 29, 1998
Microsoft Attorney Accuses Rivals of Collusion
A Yalta for the Internet Era?

October 28, 1998
AOL Outlines Its Deal With Microsoft
U.S. Uses Apple Notes Against Microsoft
Let's Go to the Videotape . . .
Microsoft to Drop 'NT' From Software's Name

October 27, 1998
Netscape, Justice Accused of a 'Setup'
Gates-Watchers See a Volatile Witness

October 24, 1998
U.S. Releases E-Mail To Back Up Testimony
The Balancing Act of Netscape's CEO

October 23, 1998
Microsoft Lawyer Spars With Netscape Chief

October 22, 1998
Full Speed Ahead in Microsoft Trial
Microsoft Keeps Trial Focus on Barksdale

October 21, 1998
Microsoft Fights Back
Experts: Harsh Portrayal of Microsoft Poses Risks

October 20, 1998
Microsoft Assailed in Court
Barksdale Testifies: 'Microsoft Engaged in...Predatory Acts'
Industry Reaction to Antitrust Trial

October 19, 1998
Microsoft Trial Opens
Microsoft to Emerge a Changed Company
When World Views Collide
David Boies: The Thorn in Microsoft's Side

October 18, 1998
Microsoft: Looking Out for Number One

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