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Direct Testimony of Avadis Tevanian
On Friday, October 30, the government released direct testimony from its third witness, Avadis Tevanian Jr., the senior vice president of software engineering at Apple Computer, Inc.

Please be advised that this document links to the Department of Justice, and is in Adobe Acrobat format. If you don't have it, you may download Acrobat here.


  • Entire Testimony (PDF Format) (2.8 MB)
  • Attachments (PDF Format) (467 KB)

  • Testimony Divided for Easier Downloading
    Summary of Testimony
    Microsoft has Monopoly Power in the Market for Desktop Operating Systems
    The Economic Relationship between Application Programs and Operating Systems
    Barriers to Competition in the Operating System Market: Apple's Experience with the Rhapsody Operating System
    Maintaining and Expanding a Monopoly Over the Operating Systems through Control of Application Programs
    Browsers and the Mac OS Operating System
    Microsoft Used the Threat of Stopping its Support for a Critical Application to Pressure Apple to Agree to Give a Significant Advantage [to] Internet Explorer
    Microsoft's Attempts to Control Multimedia Platforms: An Overview
    Apple's Quicktime Multimedia Software
    A Technology Overview of Quicktime
    Download This Segment Here
    (PDF Format) (731 k)

    Microsoft has Designed its Multimedia Product to Exclude Competitors and Extend its Monopoly Power
    Microsoft has Used its Monopoly Power and Anticompetitive Tactics to Try to Defeat Quicktime
    Microsoft Repeatedly Pressured Apple to Give Up Quicktime and Cede the Multimedia Playback Market to Microsoft
    To Thwart Quicktime, Microsoft Employed Punitive and Exclusionary Actions
    The Technical Problems and Misleading Error Messages Introduced by Microsoft Impair Quicktime's Performance and Impede Apple's Ability to Compete
    Download This Segment Here
    PDF Format (717 k)

    Original Equipment Manufacturers and Independent Software Vendors Fear Reprisal from Microsoft if their Business Conduct does not Conform to Microsoft's Wishes
    Conclusion of Testimony

    Download This Segment Here
    PDF Format (808 k)

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