U.S. vs. Microsoft
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Excerpts From Stephen McGeady's Notes on Gates Presentation
The government on Tuesday, November 10, introduced into evidence handwritten notes made by Intel Vice President Steven McGeady. McGeady took the 15 pages of notes at a presentation given by Microsoft CEO Bill Gates in July 1995. The notes are titled "Gates Unplugged" and "Thoughts About 'Our Industry': FTC/DOJ Sensitivity."

An excerpt from the notes – the final section, titled "DOJ" – is below. Editor's Note: The notes have been transcribed directly, and are unedited.

"If she understood the presentation I just made...we'd have no problem...this business is unbelievably competitive."

"This anti-trust thing will blow over"

"We haven't changed our business practices at all"

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    "The current level of competition is healthy"

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