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  Key Witnesses

Microsoft Witnesses

  • James Allchin, Senior Vice President, Personal and Business Systems Group, Microsoft Corp.
  • Brad Chase, Vice President, Windows Marketing and Developer Relations, Microsoft Corp.
  • Michael Devlin, President, Rational Software
  • Eric Engstrom, General Manager, DirectX Multimedia, Microsoft Corp.
  • Joachim Kempin, Senior Vice President, OEM Division, Microsoft Corp.
  • Paul Maritz, Microsoft Group Vice President, Platforms and Applications Group, Microsoft Corp.
  • Bob Muglia, Senior Vice President, Applications and Tools Group, Microsoft Corp.
  • Cameron Myhrvold, Vice President, Internet Customer Unit, Microsoft Corp.
  • William Poole, Senior Director, Windows Business Development, Microsoft Corp.
  • John Rose, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Computing, Compaq Computer
  • Daniel Rosen, General Manager, New Technology, Microsoft Corp.
  • Richard Schmalensee – interim dean of the Sloan School of Management at MIT

    Government Witness List

  • James Barksdale – President and Chief Executive Officer, Netscape Communications Corp.
  • David Colburn – Senior Vice President, America Online
  • David J. Farber – Alfred Fitler Professor of Telecommunication Systems, Moore School of Engineering, University of Pennsylvania - Technical Expert
  • Edward W. Felten – Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Princeton University - Technical Expert – Demonstration Witness
  • Franklin M. Fisher – Professor of Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Economic Expert
  • James Gosling – Chief architect for Java, Sun Microsystems Inc.
  • William Harris – President and Chairman, Intuit Inc.
  • Steven McGeady – Vice President, Intel Corporation
  • John Soyring – Director of network computing, IBM Corporation
  • Avadis Tevanian – Vice President, Apple Computer Inc.
  • Frederick R. Warren-Bolton – Principal, MiCRA (Microeconomic Consulting Research & Associates); former chief antitrust economist in the Reagan adminstration
  • Glenn E. Weadock – President, Independent Software, Inc.

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