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Editor's Note: Quinn columns available here appeared in The Washington Post or were distributed by the Washington Post Writer's Group. In some cases, the headline or date may not match what appeared in the printed Post. For a list of recent Quinn columns that appear exactly as they did in The Post, click here.

Jane Bryant Quinn
On Personal Finance

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January - March, 1996     April - June, 1996
July - September, 1996     October 1996 - Present

  October 1996 - Present

Selling Term Coverage to the Masses
Published November 28, 1996

Savvy Strategies for Divorce Settlements
Published November 26, 1996

The Fine Print of Purchase Protection
Distributed November 21, 1996

Does Your Insurance Company Owe You Money?
Distributed November 19, 1996

A Closer Look at Smartcards
Distributed November 14, 1996

Economic Forecast for 1997: 'Pretty Soft'
Distributed November 12, 1996

Diversifying Your Mutual Fund Portfolio
Distributed November 7, 1996

Shopping for a New Mutual Fund
Distributed November 5, 1996

Part 2: Protecting Yourself Under the New Credit-Reporting Law
Distributed October 31, 1996

Part 1: Protecting Yourself Under the New Credit-Reporting Law
Distributed October 29, 1996

Using Financial Planners in a Divorce
Distributed October 24, 1996

Looking to the Future: Banking on the Internet
Distributed October 22, 1996

Co-Signers Beware: That Loan Could Haunt You
Distributed October 17, 1996

Getting the Scoop on Investment Advisers
Distributed October 15, 1996

Pushing Long-Term Care Insurance
Distributed October 10, 1996

Looking Towards November: Taxing Issues
Distributed October 8, 1996

Part 2: Proving a Case of Insurance Deception
Distributed October 3, 1996

Part 1: Proving a Case of Insurance Deception
Distributed October 1, 1996

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  July - September, 1996

Guaranteed-Coverage Law May Hurt Some
Published September 29, 1996

How to Roll Over Your Old Savings Bonds
Distributed September 26, 1996

Truth-in-Savings Law Still in Jeopardy
Distributed September 24, 1996

How to Make Debt Repayment Pay Off
Published September 22, 1996

Will 'Medicaid Planning' Sanctions Work
Published September 15, 1996

Dole's Plan Raises Taxing Questions
Published September 8, 1996

Setting the Records Straight on Brokers
Published September 1, 1996

Insurance Safety Net Still Has Gaps
Published August 25, 1996

Beware Rising Credit Card Fees
Published August 18, 1996

Stock Lovers Missing a Bond Experience
Published August 4, 1996

Caution Ahead: 401(k) Credit Cards
Published July 28, 1996

Congress Needs to Safeguard 401(k)s
Published July 21, 1996

'No-Load' Stocks Let You Bypass Brokers
Published July 14, 1996

Taking Legal Home Business Deductions
Published July 7, 1996

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  April - June, 1996

Sometimes Shelters Can Be Scams
Published June 30, 1996

When Home, Small Home May Be Sweet
Published June 23, 1996

Help in Maintaining a Rebalancing Act
Published June 9, 1996

Planning Ahead for a Possible Pink Slip
Published June 2, 1996

Shopping for Sound Investment Advice
Published May 26, 1996

The Rap on Wrap Accounts: High Costs
Published May 19, 1996

The Economy: What Politicians Won't Say
Published May 12, 1996

Retirees' Gift on the Ceiling
Published May 5, 1996

Beating the Banks on ATM Fees
Published April 28, 1996

It's Time to Fight for Your Interest
Published April 21, 1996

Changing Divorce Laws Is a Financial Issue
Published April 14, 1996

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  January - March, 1996

The Bargains in Muni Bonds
Published March 31, 1996

For Investors, Information Is an Asset
Published March 17, 1996

You Owe Yourself a Credit Check
Published March 10, 1996

A Check List: Should You Buy an Annuity
Published March 3, 1996

Weighing the Refinancing Choices
Published February 25, 1996

Why a Sucker's Phoned Every Minute
Published February 18, 1996

In Stocks, the Margin Isn't One of Safety
Published February 11, 1996

Don't Let Phone Fraud Get Your Number
Published February 4, 1996

Costly Car Loans For Subprime' Buyers
Published January 28, 1996

Dispelling Boomers' Real Estate Illusion
Published January 21, 1996

Making The Most Of Layoff Payoffs
Published January 14, 1996

In Defense Of Legal Services For The Poor
Published January 7, 1996

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