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    April 26, 1999

    MCI, Giant, Dart, BET. They are some of the companies that helped define the region's identity as a business community. And now they're gone. Maybe you didn't notice because MCI is still your long-distance company; you still shop at Giant; Crown Books is still around if much smaller and you can still watch Black Entertainment Television. In fact, these institutions have left the region only in the sense of how they do business, either being acquired by out of town companies, or in the case of BET, going private.

    Departures mean additions, too, and this year there are 18 new companies joining the list of the 100 largest public companies in the Washington metropolitan area, the highest rate of change in five years.


    This year's rank, Company name (how it made the list)

    9. Sodexho Marriott Services Inc. – spun off from Marriott International

    16. Coventry Health Care Inc. – moved headquarters from Tennessee to Bethesda

    23. USEC Inc. – went public

    27. Meristar Hotels & Resorts – spun off from CapStar Hotel Co.

    33. Building One Services Corp. – met revenue threshold

    46. Meristar Hospitality Corp. – created by the merger of CapStar and American General Hospitality.

    63. Global TeleSystems Inc. – met revenue threshold

    69. Hagler Bailly Inc. – met revenue threshold

    71. Omnipoint Corp. – met revenue threshold

    77. E.Spire Communications – met revenue threshold

    84. RWD Technologies Inc – met revenue threshold

    87. MicroStrategy – went public

    91. Network Solutions Inc. – met revenue threshold

    92. American Mobile Satellite Corp. – met revenue threshold

    94. Deltek Systems Inc. – met revenue threshold

    99. Best Software Inc. – met revenue threshold

    100. Dunn Computer Corp. – met revenue threshold


    Last year's rank, Company name (Why it's off)

    3. MCI Communications Corp. – acquired by WorldComm, now known as MCI WorldComm Corp.

    9. Giant Food – acquired by Royal Ahold NV

    18. LCI International Inc. – acquired by Qwest Communications International

    19. Manor Care Inc. – acquired by Health Care & Retirement Corp.

    32. Dart Group Corp. – acquired by Richfood Holdings

    39. Banner Aerospace Inc. – acquired by Fairchild Corp.

    44. CapStar Hotel Co. – merged with American General Hospitality to form Meristar Hospitality Corp.

    56. World Corp. – failed to meet revenue threshold

    65. Intersolv – acquired by Micro Focus Group PLC

    69. BET Holdings Inc. – went private

    83. EIS International Inc. – failed to meet revenue threshold

    87. QuesTech Inc. – acquired by CACI International Inc.

    89. Coherent Communications Systems Corp. – acquired by Tellabs Inc.

    93. Acsys Inc. – moved headquarters to Atlanta

    95. Spacehab Inc. – failed to meet revenue threshold

    97. Group 1 Software Inc. – failed to meet revenue threshold

    98. Comnet Corp. – merged with Group 1 Software

    99. Strayer Education Inc. – failed to meet revenue threshold.

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