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    April 26, 1999

    What Is The Post 200?

    The Post 200 starts with a list of the Top 100 largest public companies in Washington and the surrounding suburbs. Completing the 200 are lists of the 30 largest financial institutions with headquarters in the District, Maryland or Virginia, as well as lists of the 30 largest public companies in Maryland and 40 largest public companies in Virginia. The companies on these state lists are based outside the Washington area.

    How The Post 200 Is Compiled

    Geographic Boundaries
    The Top 100 list encompasses the District of Columbia; Prince George's, Montgomery and Howard counties as well as Anne Arundel County east to Annapolis in Maryland; and Arlington, Fairfax and Loudoun counties in Virginia and the cities of Alexandria, Falls Church and Fairfax City.

    The Maryland and Virginia lists cover companies in those states including companies based in Baltimore and Richmond, but not in the Washington area. The list of financial institutions includes companies based in Maryland, Virginia or the District. The lists of largest private and out-of-town employers are not counted among The Post 200.

    Determining Eligibility
    All public companies with headquarters in the District, Maryland and Virginia are eligible. A company's headquarters is its principal executive office as reported to the SEC, regardless of the state of incorporation or the location of operating units. Companies under U.S. Bankruptcy Code protection are included if their stock still is in public hands and they continue to file with the SEC.

    Companies that have agreed to mergers are included if stock still is public because the merger is not yet completed. In a few cases, companies that are essentially one operation with multiple issues of stock are ranked solely on the results of the largest company in the group.

    Ranking the Companies
    The Top 100, Maryland and Virginia lists are ranked by revenue. The financial institutions are ranked by assets.

    Fiscal Year
    Numbers to determine rank are based on fiscal years. In a few cases that means company results are more than a year old.

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