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    The Maryland Companies List

    April 26, 1999

    Acquisitions took four companies off the list of the largest Maryland public companies outside the Washington area. But new public offerings and revenue growth brought new faces to the list.


    This year's rank, Company name (how it made the list)

    4. Allegheny Energy Inc. (revenue)

    13. RailWorks Corp. (went public)

    16. I.C. Isaacs & Company Inc. (went public)

    23. Creditrust Corp. (revenue)

    26. Caliber Learning Network Inc. (went public)


    Last year's rank, Company name (why it's off)

    2. USF&G Corp. (acquired by St. Paul Cos.)

    12. Waverly Inc. (acquired by Wolters Kluwer NV)

    16. Youth Services International Inc. (acquired by Correctional Services Corp.)

    22. Trusted Information Systems Inc. (acquired by Network Associates Inc.)

    30. Chesapeake Biological Laboratories Inc. (failed to meet revenue threshold)

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