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    The New Guard: Executive Profiles

    Stephen M. Case | Katherine K. Clark | Emmanuel J. Friedman
    Robert L. Johnson | Jeong H. Kim | Jonathan J. Ledecky
    Joseph E. Robert Jr. | John W. Sidgmore | Stephen M. Wolf

    Stephen Case
    Last December, the Post interviewed Case about his plans for the future and the competition.

    Also on America Online:

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  •   Stephen M. Case, America Online
    Age: 39
    Company: America Online Inc.
    Approximate net worth: More than $200 million.
    Favorite "toy": None. "I'm building AOL, not accumulating stuff."
    Favorite movie: "The Barney movie was pretty good."
    Favorite book: "Business stuff, novels by John Grisham, history, biography."
    Titanic factor: "I actually liked 'Titanic.'"
    Ten years hence: "The same thing. Ten years is not all that long, if you look at it in the context of building a medium that will be as popular as the telephone or TV."

    Landmark Systems made its first public offering in 1997.

    Also on Landmark Systems:

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  •   Katherine K. Clark, Landmark Systems
    Age: 41
    Company: Landmark Systems Corp.
    Approximate net worth: $15 million.
    Favorite "toy": "A membership at Avenel."
    Favorite book: "Other Powers," by Barbara Goldsmith.
    Titanic factor: "I liked 'Good Will Hunting' better."
    Ten years hence: "I'll stay in this job as long as it's fun, as long as I'm enjoying it."
    Miscellany: Engaged to a local technology executive. "It's a stress-free relationship. We both have hectic lifestyles."

    FBR's rapid growth moved it to make an initial stock offering last November.

    Also on Friedman, Billings, Ramsey Group:

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  •   Emmanuel J. Friedman,
    Friedman, Billings, Ramsey Group

    Age: 52
    Company: Friedman, Billings, Ramsey Group Inc.
    Approximate net worth: $200 million
    Hobbies: Biking, reading. "I was an obsessive reader as a child. I had asthma, and I would sometimes read for 24 hours straight. When I go on vacation now, that's what I like to do. Forget everything else and read."
    Favorite book: "Books about behavioral science, books about mathematical theories like 'Chaos and Complexity,' books about military history."
    Favorite movies: "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest," "Searching for Bobby Fisher."
    Titanic factor: "Haven't seen it."

    The Post magazine profiled Johnson and BET.

    Also on BET:

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  •   Robert L. Johnson, BET Holdings
    Age: 52
    Company: Black Entertainment Television, BET Holdings Inc.
    Approximate net worth: $780 million
    First "toy": "After BET went public in 1991, I bought a LeBaron convertible. Now I drive a Jaguar convertible."
    Favorite TV show: "'Crossfire.' I like to watch these people argue."
    Miscellany: "African Americans are not part of the Washington business culture. How many black-owned restaurants are in this town? Very few. I don't know a black who owns a major hotel. I don't know a black who owns a major office building. Black business is not very viable here because there's too much emphasis on involvement with government."

    The Post profiled Yurie Systems.

    Also on Yurie Systems:

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  •   Jeong H. Kim, Yurie Systems
    Age: 37
    Company: Yurie Systems Inc.
    Approximate net worth: $380 million
    Favorite book: "I'm Tom Clancy's biggest fan."
    Titanic factor: "I saw it. I'm an ex-submarine officer, so I don't like to see a sinking ship."
    Life as a Korean American: "We came here to pursue the American dream, but it's hard to keep your focus. People make fun of you, because of the language barrier and the fact that you look different. When you're a teenager, you're emotionally affected by these things. I would come home with a nosebleed, from the stress."
    Miscellany: "I named the company after my eldest daughter. When she misbehaves, I tell her I'm going to change the name."

    Last January, the 'charismatic and colorful' Ledecky split U.S. Office Products into five companies. Later, Ledecky sold millions in stock in UniCapital Corp.

    Also on U.S. Office Products:

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  •   Jonathan J. Ledecky, U.S. Office Products
    Age: 40
    Company: U.S. Office Products Co., Consolidation Capital Corp.
    Approximate net worth: $200 million
    Favorite obsession: Running. "I run every single day, no matter where I am."
    Favorite book: "All the King's Men," by Robert Penn Warren. "It's about well-meaning power that is perverted. That book is rich with lessons about the hubris of life."
    Titanic factor: "I have no interest in seeing a movie like that. It commercially exploited a great tragedy."
    Personal goal: Break four hours in the marathon.

    Company history on J.E. Robert Cos. Web site.

    Also on J.E. Robert Cos.:

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  •   Joseph E. Robert Jr., J.E. Robert Cos.
    Age: 46
    Company: J.E. Robert Cos.
    Approximate net worth: $250 million (estimate)
    Favorite "toy": "My garden. I spend more money on it than any sane person would."
    Favorite book: "Some Desperate Glory," the diary of a front-line junior officer in World War I; "A Civil Action."
    Titanic factor: "Saw it. Didn't cry."

    Last year, UUNet struck a deal to buy CompuServe's and AOL's data networks. Later, WorldCom, UUNet's parent company, won a bid for telecommunications giant MCI.

    Also on UUNet and WorldCom:

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  •   John W. Sidgmore, UUNet, WorldCom
    Age: 47
    Company: UUNet Technologies Inc. (a subsidiary of WorldCom Inc.)
    Approximate net worth: $130 million
    Favorite book: "Fingerprints of the Gods," by Graham Hancock. "It's about a civilization that became exhausted 10,000 years ago during the last Ice Age."
    Titanic factor: "This will be so boring, but it's my favorite movie."
    Ten years hence: "I'll probably be doing something close to the center of this communications technology area -- something to do with the Internet. I am addicted to change, and to this technology."

    Last May, Wolf said he would initiate operational changes within US Airways.

    Also on USAirways:

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  •   Stephen M. Wolf, USAirways Group
    Age: 56
    Company: US Airways Group Inc.
    Approximate net worth: $86 million in US Airways stock options; industry experts estimate that total net worth is at least double that.
    Favorite "toy": Suits from a Savile Row tailor.
    Titanic factor: "Didn't see it. Have no interest in seeing it."
    Hobbies: "Work out every day without fail: run one day; next day lift weights. ... Passionate interest in food and wine."
    Best wine ever: Domaine de la Romanee Conti.

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