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    Now find quotes, news and financial data for every major U.S. public company, plus new personal portfolios.

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    Toronto 300 Composite
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    Canadian Stocks
    Click on a letter to get a list of stocks traded in Canada. From that list, you can click on an individual stock to get an up-to-date stock quote. Individual stock listings are available for stocks traded on the markets in Toronto, Montreal, Alberta and Vancouver.

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    Stocks Traded as ADRs
    These listings (American Depository Receipts), organized by country, are international companies based outside the United States that also trade their stock on exchanges in the United States.
    Canada     Mexico

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    Currency Information
    The foreign exchange rate information is updated at 5 a.m., noon and 7 p.m. EDT every day when currencies are traded. The rates are provided by CBS MarketWatch.
    North, Central American and the Caribbean

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    General Country Information
    For the latest news, reference materials and Internet resources for countries in North, Central America and the Caribbean, see our regional page in the International section.

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    Information in the above links is copyright © CBS MarketWatch
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