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  Tax Time Toolbox
Download Extension Forms
Download IRS forms and publications, plus find state forms online.
Roth IRA Planner
Tax Estimator
Jane Bryant Quinn Tax Advice From Jane Bryant Quinn, Albert B. Crenshaw and others.
howtofile Your guide to tax resources online, including the IRS's site.

This year, millions of taxpayers should have less to fear from a kinder, gentler, reformed IRS.

D.C. officials promise an improved turnaround time for processing files – residents should get refunds within two weeks – the same time frame as Virginia and Maryland.

Read transcripts of live discussions on taxes, and find downloadable versions of the most commonly requested IRS forms, instructions and publications.

Also, find out whether the Roth IRA is right for you, read reviews of tax software, and learn to navigate the Internal Revenue Service's Web site.

Calendar Deadlines Ahead
Need a convenient way to keep track of the filing dates for 1999? Our interactive tax calendar sorts an entire year of deadlines, reminders and general information for three categories of taxes: individual, small business and excise.
Live Tax Discussions
Read the transcript of a Tuesday, April 6 live tax talk hosted by Post "Color of Money" columnist Michelle Singletary and featuring guest Jim Baker (left) of Edelman Tax and Valuation Services and the transcript of a Tuesday, April 13 live tax talk with Singletary and Dom LaPonzina of the IRS.

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