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 Y2K Computer Bug
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What Can You Do?
Your Computer
Appliances and Other Home Gadgets

Advice for the Big Night
Maryland Courts
Anne Arundel County
Fairfax County
Howard County
Montgomery County
Prince George's County
Prince William County

Video: Britain Is Prepared
Eastern Europe
Latin America

Small Business
How Are Businesses Preparing?
Finding and Fixing Problems
Answering Liability Questions
Five Y2K Myths
Who Else Needs to Be Ready?
U.S. Contractor Compliance

Links and Resources
How This Mess Started
Y2K Glossary
Federal Government
Local Governments

How the Clock Works
The Y2K countdown clock that appears above is based on the clock on your computer or network. As the official timekeeper of the United States, the Naval Observatory Time Service Department maintains accurate atomic clocks. It hosts a site that lets you check the time and determine the accuracy of your system clock (requires a Java-enabled browser).

Latest Story
Y2K Glitch For Lawyers: Few Lawsuits
Accounts of the largely triumphant campaign to quash the Y2K computer glitch must include a visit to the cluttered Philadelphia home office of Ronald N. Weikers.
Full coverage of the Y2K rollover

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Y2K Glitches Affect Financial Software
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On the Internet, Bugged About Y2K
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Hard Work Made Y2K a Nonevent
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December 28, 1999
Russia Missile Forces Pass Y2K Test
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December 27, 1999
As Jan. 1 Nears, Doomsayers Reconsider
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December 26, 1999
Confident Officials Add Y2K Staff--Just in Case
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December 23, 1999
Agency to Review Y2K Patent
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Md. Unveils $4.5 Million Y2K Disaster Center
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December 22, 1999
Russia Puts Air Traffic Backup Plan in Place

Prince George's County: We're Ready
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December 21, 1999
Md. Courts Make Y2K Backup Plans
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Government Warning About Y2K Hackers
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December 19, 1999
Area Prepares For Potential Y2K Trouble
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December 17, 1999
A Y2K Patent Fortune Pending?
The Washington Post

Energy Dept. Says Utilities Are Ready
Associated Press

December 16, 1999
Smiling in the Face of Millennial Madness
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Y2K? Don't Panic; Be Prudent
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December 10, 1999
Find Some Y2Komfort at Home
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As Y2K Looms, Italy Takes Its Time Preparing
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December 9, 1999
D.C. Pulls Out All Stops for Last Y2K Drill
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November 30, 1999
Pentagon's Computer Woes Cause Backlog for Security Checks
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November 25, 1999
It's the Sale of the Millennium
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November 23, 1999
Y2K Critic Gives U.S. a B-Plus
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November 18, 1999
Y2K Repair Bill: $100 Billion
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D.C. Will Be Y2K-Ready, Official Says
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November 16, 1999
White House's Y2K Center Hopes for Calm
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For Y2K, Americans Staying Firmly on the Ground
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November 15, 1999
Manassas Park Ready for Millennium
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November 11, 1999
No Major National Y2K Breakdowns Expected
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November 8, 1999
Y2K 'Slowdown' Narrowly Felt
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November 2, 1999
U.S. Airports Seem Safe for Y2K
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November 1, 1999
Y2K Is Not Bugging Everyone in China
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