2005 Post 200

Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.

8283 Greensboro Dr.

McLean, Va. 22102


Year founded: 1914

Industry: Consulting/professional services

Post 200 Category: Top Private Companies

Revenue: $3.10 Billion

Net Income/Loss: n/a

Earnings per share: n/a

Dividend: n/a

Stockholder equity: n/a

Auditor: n/a

Assets: n/a

Market capitalization: n/a

52-week high: n/a

52-week low: n/a

Chairman and CEO: Ralph W. Shrader

President: Dennis O. Doughty

Employees: 16651

Local employees: 10647

Description: Booz Allen Hamilton is an international technology and management consulting firm that is one of the U.S. government's main contractors.

Developments: When President Bush wonders whether the Pentagon should take over the CIA's paramilitary functions, Booz Allen Hamilton is the company that the Pentagon turns to for an answer (the company concluded that the spy agency should keep its paramilitary force). When the Air Force wants to study how best to get information from a battleground to a fighter jet, it turns to Booz Allen Hamilton with the $9 billion job. With such clients, Booz Allen, which marked its 90th anniversary last year, is mum about much of its business. Aside from U.S. government contracts its biggest source of revenue the company has a wide portfolio, ranging from having overseen transportation at the 2004 Olympics to helping an Italian grocery store chain improve its efficiency. The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development recently tapped the company to conduct a study of the effects of environmental factors on the heath and development of more than 100,000 children in the United States. The contract is worth $13.2 million over five years. In November, Booz Allen announced plans to expand in Fairfax County and said it expects to create 3,700 new jobs with an average salary of $79,000.

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