Will You Retire?

At a time when they need more money because of longer life expectancies, many are facing a retirement with less. As a result, Americans are increasingly postponing retirement or getting part-time or even full-time work in other fields after retiring.
» By Nancy Trejos
A rising cost of living and a sputtering stock market have many retirees on edge. This Washington Post guide helps explain the new realities of retirement.

Live Discussion  
Working After Retirement Washington Post staff writer Nancy Trejos hosted a chat on Wednesday, Oct. 15 with guest Deborah Russell, director of workforce issues at the AARP, on baby boomers who work after retiring.
The Markets
Don't Panic. Don't Stop Saving. What's the best way to protect your nest egg as the financial system sorts itself out?
Getting Workers on Track to Invest Early and Often As workers are forced to take a lot more responsibility for their own financial futures, employers are rolling out a variety of features to help them prepare for retirement.
Attraction of Annuities Is in the Eye of the Beholder For most people, annuities are as much of a mystery as commodities options. But those who do know what they are tend either to love them or hate them.
Retiring With a Windfall? How to Give It Away Advice for boomers who are in the enviable position of having more money than they need in retirement and want to give the rest away.
Plan Tax Strategy Now To Maximize Income Later Boomers will find that any tax planning they did while working will make a major difference in the amount of spendable income they have late in life.
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