Teen Shopping Project

Monday, June 4, 2007

Teen Shopping ProjectWe picked a handful of teens to track more closely, to understand how they spend their money and why. They let us into their rooms and into their thoughts about their sneakers, their clothes and other prized possessions. A 360-degree photo tour lets you explore their rooms and understand their distinctive styles. Check out the interactive graphic to see what stores they went to, what they bought and what they ignored.

Adam Rothe

Adam RotheAdam loves shoes. The 13-year-old Burke resident spends his free time at stores like Foot Locker. His bedroom floor is covered with a variety of sneakers and his walls are hidden behind posters of athletes and sports teams — particularly D.C. United. Learn more about Adam

Sneha Rao

Sneha RaoSneha lives in Silver Spring, but she's used to shopping outside of the area — halfway across the world in Dubai, to be exact. If she's not shopping with friends, the 14-year-old Silver Spring resident often hits the mall with her father — and frequently gets his approval before buying. Learn more about Sneha

Rebecca Klemens

Rebecca KlemensRebecca, 14, lives in the small Loudoun County town of Round Hill. She shares the second floor of their suburban home with her older sister, Elizabeth. The Klemens sisters usually opt to shop closer to home, but enjoy the variety of retailers available at bigger malls in the metro area. Learn more about Rebecca

Elizabeth Klemens

Elizabeth KlemensElizabeth, 17, and her younger sister, Rebecca, live in the small Loudoun County town of Round Hill. Although the girls normally shop closer to home, the duo make it to Tysons a few times a year. Elizabeth participates in several activities and keeps a busy schedule. Learn more about Elizabeth

Kiara Hill

Kiara HillKiara is a fan of fashion. The 13-year-old Silver Spring resident says she only goes to retailers with clothes that fit her style. Her high-rise corner bedroom is decorated to match her personality, as well as her style, which she says is subject to refinement. In her words, her style is urban but feminine, and she loves her bright-colored shoes, which she says land her numerous compliments. Learn more about Kiara

Whitley Gaffney

Whitley GaffneyThe way Whitley sees it, clothes introduce her to the world. The 16-year-old Burke resident identifies with the preppy kids at Lake Braddock Secondary School. Whitley gets a $40 monthly allowance to help her purchase clothes and achieve her look. Learn more about Whitley

Daisy Diaz

Daisy DiazDaisy likes shopping with friends, her mom or her aunt. The 17-year-old resident of Arlington says her most expensive purchase is a digital camera. Her room is stocked with a computer and her bedroom door is loaded with photos of friends and family members. Learn more about Daisy

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