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Bringing the Mekong to the Mall

June 29, 2007  |  
Eve Zibart, the Post's Fare Minded columnist, surveys the food offerings at this year's Smithsonian Folklife Festival.

A Day to Float the Bahnar Boat

June 28, 2007  |  
An afternoon shower slowed, but didn't stop, canoemakers' progress on a traditional Bahnar boat in the Mekong River section.

Transcript: Richard Kurin

June 28, 2007  |  
Richard Kurin, director of the Smithsonian's Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage, was online Thursday, June 28, to discuss this year's festival.

A Taste of Three Worlds

June 27, 2007  |  
The Post's Food section profiles some of the regional chefs who provide cooking demonstrations at the festival.

Seeing Red Over Orange at Folklife

June 23, 2007  |  
Tensions boiled over when the Smithsonian Folklife Festival extended invitations to two historians from the Orange Order, a Protestant fraternal group, perhaps best known for controversial marches.

Folklife Festival 2007: Festival Highlights

The annual Smithsonian Folklife Festival offers a taste of faraway cultures with performances, demonstrations and food.

Evening Concerts
Irish fiddles, Virginian banjos and Mekong River rhythms: browse Folklife's evening concert schedule.

The Fest's Best Bets
A round up of some not-to-be missed spots for families and foodies.

Folklife Festival 2007: Multimedia

Multimedia dispatches from the festival.

AUDIO GALLERY: Folklife Folks
Watch Tony Stevenson at work. The rocking horse builder from Kent, England, describes his trade.

AUDIO: Music From the Festival
Folklife curators discuss festival performers and play samples of different musical styles.
MP3s: Mekong | Ireland | Virginia

PHOTOS: Festival's First Day
Before afternoon showers set in, culturally curious crowds explored the festivites on the Mall.

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