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The 2006 Washington Area Challenge Index

The top ten schools in the Washington area with at least 40 percent of students qualifying for federal lunch subsidies, ranked by Equity and Excellence rate -- the percentage of all graduating seniors who had at least one passing score on a college-level test while in high school. The national average is 14.8%:

Rank School (Challenge Index rank) District % Lunch Subsidy E&E rate
1.Annandale (107) Fairfax40%42.5%
2.Stuart (58)Fairfax49%40.7%
3.Wilson (50) D.C.42%32.5%*
4.Wakefield (44)Arlington54%31.6%
5.Wheaton (65)Montgomery42%29.7%
6.T.C. Williams (69)Alexandria40%28.7%
7.Northwestern (140)Prince George's53%16.9%
8.Bell Multicultural (45)D.C.81%15%*
9.High Point (152)Prince George's61%14%
10.Central (147)Prince George's42%10%*

*Estimated by Jay Mathews

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