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Stanford 9 Scores for D.C. Public Charter Schools

Following are D.C. charter schools' NCE scores in math and reading on the Stanford 9 test administered in April 2002. The NCE, or normal curve equivalent, score is similar to a percentile score and shows how a school's performance compares with the national average. The average NCE score for the nation is roughly 50.

The results below were released by the D.C. public school system in its capacity as a state education agency, and they differ somewhat from the scores release by the D.C. Public Charter School Board for the schools it oversees. One reason for the difference is that the charter school board included the scores of children who received special accomodations during the testing as a result of special needs or limited English proficiency. As in previous years, the D.C. public school system did not include those students when computing the schools' scores.

 2000  2001  2002  2000  2001  2002 
  ARE PC33.128.931.631.924.125
  Arts & Technology PC23.926.634.428.530.433.2
  Booker T. Washington3335.93526.634.938
  Capital City PCS 44.345.4 50.654.6
  Cesar Chavez PPCH3853.349.334.740.237.2
  Childrens Studio PCS43.346.239.54748.245.8
  Community Academy PCS 42.949.7 45.448.8
  Edison Friendship - Blow Pierce38.439.744.139.441.245.4
  Edison Friendship - Chamberlain47.247.757.744.946.154.3
  Edison Friendship - Woodridge48.645.555.44843.851.8
  Edison Friendship - Woodson*  39.2  36.7
  Elsie Whitlow Stokes PCS50.243.146.546.345.548.5
  Howard Road PCS*  42.1  42.5
  Hyde Leadership PCS39.843.143.641.243.544.5
  IDEA PCS39.840.940.535.536.736.5
  IDEAL Academy PCS41.843.334.841.545.639.6
  Jos Arz Academy PCS*  30.4  24.2
  KIMA PCS 3837.7 3834.9
  KIPP*  65.9  47.9
  Marriott Hospitality36.837.735.532.334.634.2
  Maya Angelou PCS31.735.137.735.733.528.9
  Meridian PC30.539.137.33337.837.4
  New School Enterprise 35.434.5 33.131.8
  New Vistas Prep PCS34.432.6closed35.533.3closed
  Next Step PCS 31.939.1 24.936.5
  Options PCS32.836.53933.135.237.3
  Paul JH PCS 48.349.4 45.746.2
  Richard Milburn (Carver) 32.6merged 26.8merged
  Richard Milburn (Rabaut)35.834.732.927.63328.2
  Roots PCS45.549.446.844.246.146.9
  SAIL PCS28.726.128.112.72535.4
  Sasha Bruce*  36  35.6
  SE Academy of Scholarship41.944.237.439.940.638.1
  Techworld PCS42.737.134.139.434.734.3
  The SEED School44.143.342.842.941.443.1
  Thurgood Marshall*  38.6  32.7
  Tree of Life Comm 37.946 33.144.7
  Village Learning PCS3637.636.137.234.635.4
  Washington Math & Science45.345.748.740.341.439.6
  World PCS*25.434.8closed33.234closed

* New schools.

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