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Web Links & Resources

Cognitive Development
Scientists say that what we do know about cognitive development and the brain is dwarfed by what we don't know. Brain.com provides an introduction to prenatal brain development.

Gifted and Talented Education
If you wish to learn more about advocacy and support for your gifted child, visit the National Association for Gifted Children.

Learning Disabilities
LD Online is an excellent starting point for research on learning disabilities. Search for information on a specific LD topic, read the latest research, or find a learning disability support group. The Learning Disabilities Association operates an information and referral network for parents of learning disabled children.

Learning to Read
Educators are divided over the best way to help children learn how to read and write. Parenthood Web provides a quick introduction to two different theories--phonics-based education and whole language education.

Multiple Intelligence Theory
Howard Gardner, a researcher and professor at Harvard University, critiques the notion that there is only one type of human intelligence. His multiple intelligence theory identifies eight different intelligences, from musical to kinesthetic.

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