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Maria Allwine (Green)
Age: 51
Residence: Baltimore
Education: Completed three years of English courses at Texas Christian University and one year at College of Notre Dame of Maryland.
Occupation: Legal secretary.
Office Sought: U.S. Senate -- Maryland  


Extra-curricular activities:
Former recording secretary, Mount Vernon/Belvedere Improvement Association; formerly active in Midtown Benefits District.

Why should voters elect you?
"As a Green, I accept no corporate, union, PAC money. I am not for sale and represent the interest of people, not special interests."

What do you think is the most urgent problem facing your jurisdiction?
"Rampant development and slots. Interests of developers are consistently favored over needs and desires of communities targeted for development. This means more roads, no viable public transportation, crowded schools. While slots issue is not technically a development issue, the fallout for any community saddled with them will be the same: more traffic congestion, increased crime, general lowering of the quality of life. Slots are a bad idea: bad for our schools, bad for the communities that have to live with the fallout from them and bad for those employed in the low-level, low-paying jobs this industry will provide."
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