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Jeff Smith
Age: 30
Residence: Columbia Heights.
Education: BS, economics, and JD, Howard University; overseas studies, University of Maryland in South Korea.
Occupation: Children's advocate, lawyer (currently on leave of absence from the Department of Human Services).
Office Sought: D.C. Board of Education District 1 


Extra-curricular activities:
Elected board member, Ward 1 Democrats; member of: Vets for John Kerry, Bruce-Monroe PTA, Association of Cooperative Educators, Sierra Club; alumni member, Washington Post 500 Club.

Why should voters elect you?
"My pledge: Give me 24 months and your vote, and I will replace this attitude of 'business as usual' with one emphasizing 'Children Over Politics'."

What do you think is the most urgent problem facing your jurisdiction?
"More than 51 percent of District children starting school this year will never graduate because our schools lack proper support for our effective teachers, an environment that is conducive to learning, effective truancy programs or a system-wide curriculum. Consequently, many parents are being forced to help fund a school system in which they feel uncomfortable enrolling their own children. We can save many of these children and bring families back to DCPS by increasing parental involvement, addressing the low morale within the school system and by reintroducing vocational programs that render children ready for the work force and re-instill respect for hard work."
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