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Jerod Tolson (R)
Age: 32
Residence: Eastland Gardens.
Education: Completed business courses, Georgetown University.
Occupation: President, Tolson Logistics.
Office Sought: D.C. City Council Ward 7 


Extra-curricular activities:
Ward 7 chairman, D.C. Republican Committee; member, D.C. Young Republicans; member, Native Washingtonian Club; member, Eastland Gardens Civic Association.

Why should voters elect you?
"I am a third-generation Washingtonian, and I understand the challenges and problems that D.C. residents face?not from hearing but from living it."

What do you think is the most urgent problem facing your jurisdiction?
"Juvenile crime is the most pressing issue facing Ward 7. We must find ways to challenge our youth and to redirect their energies into constructive, positive activities and away from negative activities such as auto thefts, burglaries and vandalism. We have seen violent crimes decline but are experiencing a rise in nonviolent crimes. We must keep our youth out of the criminal justice system and find ways to stimulate their minds. Once we eliminate crime, we will be able to bring economic development to Ward 7."
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