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Eleanor Holmes Norton (D)
Age: 67
Residence: Capitol Hill.
Education: BA, history, Antioch College; MA, American studies, and JD, Yale University.
Occupation: Member, U.S. House of Representatives.
Office Sought: D.C. Delegate to the House of Representatives 


Extra-curricular activities:
D.C. delegate, 1990-present.

Why should voters elect you?
"I run a record of relentlessly and successfully fighting for residents. Examples: 50 percent increase in our college tuition program; twice saving our gun laws."

What do you think is the most urgent problem facing your jurisdiction?
"Most urgent are federally imposed economic and political burdens: 1. a dangerous structural budget imbalance we cannot continue to shoulder with the nation's highest taxes and debt, shortchanging critical local needs, especially schools; 2. unilateral security actions that cripple our economy; 3. denial of budget and legislative autonomy, imposing large extra costs on local government and endangering lives and public safety (examples: needle exchange riders despite our AIDS epidemic; attempts to repeal D.C. gun safety laws); and 4. denial of congressional voting representation, particularly in the Senate, where many of these issues could be solved through senatorial deference."
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