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Colorado Presidential Electors Referendum
Updated 11/24/04 1:59 AM ET
100% Precincts Reporting
Incumbent* declared winner
 CandidatesVotes % 
  No 1,270,635 65% 
  Yes 671,647 35% 
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EDITOR'S NOTE: Voters were asked "[s]hall there be an amendment to the Colorado constitution concerning popular proportional selection of presidential electors, and, in connection therewith, creating procedures for allocating Colorado's electoral votes for president and vice-president of the United States, based on the proportion of ballots that are cast in this state for each presidential ticket; making the terms of the proposed amendment effective so that popular proportional selection of presidential electors applies to the 2004 general election; setting forth procedures and timelines that govern the certification of election results and the potential recounting of votes in elections for presidential electors and in the election on this proposed amendment; granting the Colorado supreme court original jurisdiction for the adjudication of all contests concerning presidential electors and requiring that such matters be heard and decided on an expedited basis; and authorizing the general assembly to enact legislation to change the manner of selecting presidential electors or any of the procedures contained in this amendment?"


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