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Summer Movie Video Games


    Image From X-Men Video Game Click on the image above to launch the game. You will need the Flash 4 Player. If you don't have it, you can download it free from the Macromedia site. Image by Troy Witcher/washingtonpost.com
Ever envision yourself as the hero of an action movie? Here's your chance to prove your mettle in battle. Throughout the summer, the Entertainment Guide will present Flash-animated video games based on some of the season's biggest movie blockbusters.

In our first game of the summer, located below, control a Roman gladiator as he dodges deadly objects.

In our second game, to the right, play Pong with the X-Men. You control Wolverine in an electronic duel to the death with Sabretooth. Fight for the future of humankind. After you play the game, enter our contest to win movie tickets. And check back next month for another action-packed movie-themed video game.

The Gladiator Game

Image From Gladiator Video Game
You control the Roman gladiator as he tries to dodge deadly obstacles on the floor of the forum.

Launch the Gladiator game


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