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OpSail 2000, Baltimore

By Laura Fravel
Washingtonpost.com Staff
Friday, June 23, 2000


    Virtual Tour

(Photo by Travis Fox/washingtonpost.com)
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Take a tour of the Amerigo Vespucci:
The Bow
The Stern
The Bridge
The Officers' Mess
The Counsel Room.
This is just a taste of what you'll see in Baltimore over the next week. The Amerigo Vespucci is the flagship of the Italian Navy. At 330 feet in length, it was built in 1931 by the Royal Shipyard. Today it serves as an Italian Navy training ship.

Greeted by Capt. Ugo Bertelli and the officers and crew of the Italian Navy, we crossed the planks and boarded the Amerigo Vespucci, one of approximately 30 ships docked in the Inner Harbor and Fells Point, Baltimore, on their journey up the East Coast. OpSail 2000 is the largest gathering of any tall ship event in the United States; Baltimore's week-long celebration, from Friday, June 23, to Thursday, June 29, evokes a bygone-era maritime history, when tall ships sailed the high seas. Sailors and landlubbers alike, will be inspired by the grandeur, beauty and excitement of this gathering of ships and international culture.

The fleet of more than 60 ships began in Genoa, Italy, and traveled to Bermuda; San Juan, Puerto Rico; Miami; and Norfolk, Va. Half the ships are currently in Baltimore, half in Philadelphia, and next week, they will continue on to New York; New London, Conn.; and Portland, Maine. Baltimore's maritime extravaganza will consist of tours of tall ships, welcome ceremonies, Inner Harbor festivities and entertainment, cultural celebrations, a parade of sailing kids’ programs, a Captain’s Ball, concerts and the world’s largest crab feast. Admission to the event is free.

For more information, call 410/837-5339 or visit the Baltimore OpSail 2000 Web site at www.sailbaltimore.org/opsail.

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