War Zon Eyewitness: Lucian Perkins - Lois Raimondo
Washington Post photographers Lucian Perkins and Lois Raimondo are on assignment in Afghanistan, taking pictures of the U.S.-led war and the people whose lives are being transformed by it. In their galleries, we see a land engulfed by violence and change, desperation and hope.
    November 30, 2001
PART 3 - Lois Raimondo
  Taloqan Hospital
Doctors treat injuries from bombs, landmines and guns, and sometimes even defuse human bombs. ENTER
PART 2 - Lucian Perkins
  Education Without Fear
Kamela Yaftaly, 40, and her assistant teach several classes in one large room at the Orfaan private school in Kabul. ENTER
Discussion with Lucian Perkins
Tuesday, Dec. 18, 2001
11 a.m. EST
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