Readers dish on being regulars

The results of our online user poll show that the folks who wrote "Cheers" knew what they were talking about: a warm welcome, friendly staff and comfortable surroundings go a long way toward creating loyal customers. Here are the most popular responses to our question, "Where are you a regular?" | More reader comments

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Survey results

Do you have a restaurant where you consider yourself a regular?

How often?

Of those who said yes,
how often do you visit?

How often?

Of those who said yes,
how much do you spend?

How often?

Of those who said yes, what drew you to a restaurant?

1. Welcoming staff

2. Cuisine type

3. Comfortable surroundings

4. Good value

5. Comfort food

6. Innovative food

7. Healthy food

8. Not too noisy

9. Everybody knows my name

10. Chic surroundings

11. Family friendly

12. Accommodates dietary/other needs

SOURCE: Non-scientific online user poll conducted Sept. 6 to 18, 2011, with 1,255 respondents. Results are not statistically valid and cannot be assumed to reflect the views of Washington Post users as a group or the general population.
Published Oct. 12, 2011.