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Here is a list of what's in each section of To communicate with Washington Post reporters and editors, see our e-mail directory or list of staff members who are talking online.

T O D A Y ' S   T O P   N E W S

Today's Top News contains the latest top stories updated around the clock, with links to additional resources from The Post archives and the Web. Headlines for these stories also appear on the home page and section fronts. For all articles in the morning newspaper, see Today's Print Edition.


      Bob Levey's Washington : Read Levey's columns, join his live, online discussion on Tuesdays or e-mail him entries to the neologism contest.
      Crime Watch: A searchable database of local crime reports.
      Local Sports: News about local professional, college and high-school teams.
      Local Weather: The latest local weather, seven-day forecast and satellite images.
      Obituaries: The recent obituaries and death notices from The Post.
      Topics in the News: Customized searches that deliver Post stories on a variety of topics.
      News Vault/Special Reports: A collection of our special reports on topics that include the local elections of 1998, local governments on the Web, the plan to rebuild the Wilson Bridge and regional development issues.

    FEDERAL COMMUNITY: An area for and about the federal government and its employees, plus a list of jobs and a chance to talk to columnist Mike Causey.

      Metrorail Guide: Avoid traffic and plan your trip with maps, fares and timetables from our Metrorail map. The Commuter Page has all the resources you need to get around.
      Traffic Guide: Our clickable map gives traffic conditions for your drive home and our links give information on commuter train fares and schedules.
      Education Page: Find addresses and telephone numbers of the region's schools, names of principals, descriptions of area colleges and Post stories about education.
      School Report Cards: The report cards section is a searchable database of more than 1,000 local public schools, showing test score data, details about the school and a locator map.

      Destination: D.C.: An insider's guide to the nation's capital, including a look at the Newseum and the FDR Memorial.
      Home & Garden: Articles from the Home section, discussions about gardening and a chance to talk to The Post gardening editor.
      The Lottery: Lottery news, stories about the area's biggest winners and an Amazing Numbers Picker for those who like to play but hate to choose their own numbers.
    PHOTOS: Photo galleries of local events, including the 1998 elections, the Music Man of Duke Ellington High School, a police officer's funeral and efforts to revitalize one of Virginia's poorest communities.
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B U S I N E S S  &  T E C H N O L O G Y

Includes The Post's Business section, articles from Reuters and the Associated Press and breaking news throughout the day, plus live Q & As and these features: Personal Portfolio: Track unlimited stocks and funds in a custom portfolio – set up as many as you like, for free:

    Check current quotes and news and get financial data on almost any U.S. public company. Get the latest news from Wall Street plus updated information on bonds, commodities, options, currencies and international stocks.
      Personal Portfolio: Track unlimited stocks and funds in a custom portfolio – set up as many as you like, for free
      Mutual Funds: Find performance, cost, contact and objective data for 8,000 mutual funds researched by Value Line.
    Web-only Q & A discussions with Post writers, editors and their guests.

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Includes national news from The Post, articles from the Associated Press and breaking news throughout the day, plus discussions and these features:

      Science News: The Post's science coverage and online features.
      Health News: The Post's health coverage and online features.
      Horizon: The Post's monthly learning section.
      Special Reports: In-depth features on people, places and issues in the news.

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    P O L I T I C S
    Includes Post politics stories, breaking news from the Associated Press, discussions and these online features:
        Early Returns: An original column appearing weekdays with political tidbits and links culled from online newspapers beyond the Beltway.
        ScuttleButton: A weekly word puzzle spells out a phrase, formed from campaign buttons from past elections.
        State of Play: An exclusive weekly roundup of major political news from across the country.
        What Americans Think: Washington Post Polling Director Richard Morin looks for trends in recent surveys and public opinion research.
        Money Talks: Exclusive monthly analysis by campaign finance expert Dwight L. Morris.
        Budget Game: Test your knowledge about how the government spends its money.
        Revenue Game: Test your knowledge about where the government gets its money.
        The Races: Campaign '98 provides overviews of the major races for governor, the Senate and House, with key stories from The Washington Post and LEGI-SLATE News Service, candidate profiles, party contact information and Web links.
        White House 2000: Washington Post political reporter Ceci Connolly sizes up the most active candidates in the already frenetic race to succeed President Clinton.
        Congressional Guide: Profiles of every member of Congress, accessible by name, state or by Zip code.
        Federal Internet Guide: A directory with hundreds of links to government resources, with related news stories from The Washington Post.
        Federal Page: News from The Washington Post on working in or with the federal government.
        Supreme Court Report: An original guide to the major cases before the nation's highest court this term, with coverage from The Washington Post.
        State Governors: Profiles of the top state executives from all 50 states, including biographical information.
        The Administration: Profiles of members of the Clinton cabinet, with biographical details, contact information and stories from The Washington Post.
      Poll Taker: See how your answers to questions from recent Washington Post polls compare to the survey results.
      The Poll Vault: An archive of news, analysis and data tables from recent Washington Post surveys, including the Post-ABC News poll.
      Discuss political issues in online forums with other readers, or ask questions in live "Direct Access" sessions with newsmakers and Post news writers.
    PHOTOS: Photo galleries of political events.

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Includes The Post's Sports section, articles from the Associated Press and breaking news updated throughout the day, plus discussions about each sport and these online features:

      The NBA: News and stats, with pages for 29 teams.
      The NFL: News and stats, with pages for 30 teams.
      The NHL: News and stats, with pages for 26 teams.
      MLS: News and stats, with pages for 10 teams.
      The ABL: News of women's American Basketball League, with eight team pages.
      Baseball: News and stats from the major leagues, with pages for 28 teams.
      Tennis: News, stats and biographies for pro tennis and its players.
      Golf: Tournament results, news, statistics and schedules for professional golf.
      Boxing: News, schedules and rankings for boxing.
    HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS: Searchable news about local high school sports, plus information on national high school sports stars.
      Outdoors Guide: The best places to hike, bike, fish and golf in the Washington area.
      Ski Guide: Information about slopes both near and far.
    PHOTOS: Photo galleries of sporting events, from the Olympics to opening day at Camden Yards.

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S T Y L E    L I V E

Includes The Post's Style section, entertainment and living articles from the Associated Press, plus discussions and more:

      Movies: Reviews and showtimes for local movies.
      Video Finder: Searchable Post reviews of more than 3,400 films. News of recent and future video releases.
      Theater: Schedules and reviews for local theaters.
      Television & Radio: Searchable, interactive TV listings and television coverage from The Post. Now featuring the Electronic TV Host, a downloadable TV listing program.
      Chapter One: First chapters of selected new books, plus Post book reviews.
      Travel: World travel resources and articles from the weekly Travel section.
      Columns: Two weeks worth of columns that appear in Style.
      D.C. on Film: An overview of more than 150 films shot in Washington.
      Photo galleries, from spring fashion to the 1998 Oscars.

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Includes The Post's health coverage and weekly Health section, searchable databases of medical conditions and prescriptions, articles from the Associated Press, plus discussions and more:

      Children & Youth: Guides to common conditions, pediatric care and growing up, plus quizzes and Web resources.
      Fitness & Nutrition: Weight management, healthy eating, restaurant guides, body composition tests, gyms and a vitamin guide.
      Heath Care Policy: Contemporary issues in health and medicine, featuring polls and the Consumer Center.
      Men: Aging and the body, sexuality, major illnesses, and parenting.
      Mental Health: Psychology, coping with emotions, medications and issues.
      Seniors: Illnesses of the elderly, the aged in society, wills, the Post's Seniors section and the Guide to Retirement Living.
      Women: Aging, your body, motherhood, cancer and marriage.
      Special Reports: Post features, feature packages, consumer guides and photo galleries.
      Live Online: Health Talk with Post Health Editor Abigail Trafford, plus other online discussions.
      Condition Finder: Searchable database of thousands of ailments and diseases, provided by Intelihealth in affiliation with Johns Hopkins University and Health System.
      Medication Finder: The "Johns Hopkins Complete Home Encyclopedia of Drugs" details thousands of medications, by generic and brand names.

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Includes Post editorials, columnists and letters to the editor:

      In-depth analysis of news and trends by Washington Post columnists from the Op-Ed page and throughout each section of the newspaper on our Columnists Page.
      Washington Post Executive Editor Leonard Downie Jr. and other Post editors respond to reader queries about news coverage (but not editorials).
      Discussions on almost any topic in Talk Central, the gateway to online forums on

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T O D A Y ' S   P R I N T   E D I T I O N

Contains all the articles in The Washington Post's daily and weekly sections. Read the stories in each print section listed below, or view an image of these section fronts:

Front Page | Style | Metro | Sports | Business

Print section digests, with links to full articles:

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Includes searchable Post classified ads for jobs, homes, rentals and autos, along with other resources:

      Autos: Featuring
      CareerPost: Search two Sundays of employment ads .
      Real Estate: Browse ads for homes and rentals from the past two weeks, plus articles and resources about real estate.

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