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Imagine a FREE way to increase the value and content of your web site – all with a few simple clicks! Introducing Headlines Box from Here's how it works: choose a news topic relevant to your site (national news, regional news, information specific to your industry) and we'll provide headlines that meet your specifications. Headlines Box automatically updates news as it happens, so you and your site visitors will always be in the know. Best of all, a simple insertion of code into your page is all it takes to produce this free, self-updating box with no maintenance. Expanding the depth of your content with headlines, will give your customers another reason to visit your site and keep coming back.

See what our FREE Headlines Box can do for your site:
Automatically updated headlines expand the content of your web site increasing traffic
Customized the way you want - with news specific to your organization, industry, topic, region, national, international or any combination
FREE service that's easy to implement and completely maintenance free

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