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Low Mount Hip Flexor with Band

Starting Position
Make a loop at one end of a band. Attach the other end to a low mount (bench, bedpost, or wall mount) and place your right leg into the loop you made at the other end. Stand with the mount behind you, weight on the left leg, knee slightly bent. Place hands on hips or on a chair back or wall for balance if necessary. Flex right foot.

EXHALE: Lift right knee up to at least hip level, keeping knee bent at 90 degrees.

INHALE: Slowly lower to starting position to complege one rep. Gently rest right foot on ground between reps if necessary. Complete all reps and switch sides.

Special Instructions
Make it harder: Step farther away from the mount; do not leg leg rest on ground in between reps; do not hold onto a wall, etc. for balance; Swing arms forward and back as if running to challenge your balance.

Make it easier: Stand closer to the wall; allow leg to touch floor in between reps.

Muscles Worked: Hips, Upper Thigh, Glute

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