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Health Talk Archive 1998-99

December 28, 1999: The Future of Medicine
Guest: Dr. Francis Collins

December 21, 1999: Stress and the Holidays
Guest: Dr. Carol Goldberg

December 14, 1999: The Nature of Memory
Guest: Dr. Daniel Alkon

December 7, 1999: 'Blended' Families
Guest: Andrew Cherlin

November 30, 1999: Caring for Children
Guest: Cindy Oser

November 23, 1999: Trends in Dieting
Guest: Edith Hogan

November 16, 1999: Family Care-Giving
Guest: Connie Ford

November 9, 1999: Prescription Drug Coverage
Guest: Winston Wong

November 2, 1999: The Science of Emotions
Guest: Richard Davidson

October 26, 1999: Kickboxing & Your Health
Guest: Charlotta Turner

October 19, 1999: Sexual Dysfunction
Guest: Charlotta Turner

October 13, 1999: LASIK Surgery
Guest: Dr. Neil Martin

October 12, 1999: LASIK Surgery
Guest: Dr. Roy Rubinfeld

October 5, 1999: Medical Care at Home
Guest: Barbara Caracci

September 28, 1999: Brain Plasticity
Guest: Dr. Jordan Grafman

September 21, 1999: Return to Eggs
Guest: Marc Kaufman

September 13, 1999: Exercising Safely
Guest: Richard Cotton

September 7, 1999: Alzheimer's Disease
Guest: Dr. Gene Cohen

August 31, 1999: Sleep Disorders
Guest: Dr. Charlotte McCutchen

August 24, 1999: Preeclampsia
Guest: Dr. James Roberts

August 17, 1999: Trendy Tobacco
Guest: Dr. Samira Asma

August 10, 1999: Cancer & the Internet
Guest: Dr. Gregory Golladay

August 5, 1999: Potty Training
Guest: Dr. Mark Stein

August 3, 1999: Potty Training
Guest: Dr. Charles E. Schaefer

July 27, 1999: Internet Dating
Guest: Dr. Esther Gwinnell

July 20, 1999: Successful Aging
Guest: Sally Hurme

July 13, 1999: Finding Quality Day Care
Guest: Yasmina Vinci

July 6, 1999: Doctors Online
Guest: Dr. Sidney M. Wolfe

June 29, 1999: Internet Health Scams
Guest: Michelle Rusk

June 22, 1999: Child Trauma
Guest: Dr. Judith Cohen

June 15, 1999: Organ Donation
Guest: Jeffrey Kahn

June 8, 1999: Mental Health
Guest: Dr. Darrel Regier

June 1, 1999: Infant Formula
Guest: Marc Kaufman

May 25, 1999: Alternative Medicine
Guest: Dr. Arnold S. Relman

May 18, 1999: Designer Foods
Guest: David Schardt

May 11, 1999: Heart Disease
Guest: Dr. Marianne J. Legato

May 4, 1999: Drugstores on the Net
Guest: William K. Hubbard

April 23, 1999: Adolescent Mental Health
Guest: Gary De Carolis

April 20, 1999: Assisted Living
Guest: Rhonda Buckner

April 13, 1999: Eating Disorders
Guest: Stefanie Gilbert

April 6, 1999: Pitching and Other Sports Injuries
Guest: Dr. Benjamin Shaffer

March 30, 1999: Dealing With Infidelity
Guest: Peggy Vaughan

March 23, 1999: Cola Wars in Schools
Guest: Michael Jacobson

March 16, 1999: Strokes and New Research
Guest: Dr. Susan Okie

March 9, 1999: Mothers of Multiples
Guest: Author Randi Hutter-Epstein

March 2, 1999: Women and Fertility
Guest: Dr. Florence Haseltine

Earlier Health Discussions by Topic
Oct. 14, 1998: Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Guest: Dr. Robert Warren

Sept. 30, 1998: Do Parents Matter?
Guest: Dr. Robert Warren

Sept. 1, 1998: Infidelity in the Family
Guest: Licensed Social Worker Emily Brown

Aug. 12, 1998: Today's Teens
Guest: Licensed Social Worker Emily Brown

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