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Markie Crossman
Successful Loser

Markie Crossman

Sierra Vista, Ariz.

Pounds Lost


Time to Do It:

Joined TOPS in 1999, but didn't get serious about weight loss until 2003. Took 11 months to reach her goal.


Volunteer area captain of Take Off Pounds Sensibly (TOPS); public speaker; member National Weight Control Registry


43 years old; married for 25 years; has 4 adult children

Maintained Weight:

Since 2004

Size Change:

18 to 10

Healthy Habits Added:

Drinking water throughout the day; learning to love spinach and Bosc pears

Trigger Food:

Peanut butter cookies

Secret Weapon:

Unflattering photo of how she used to look

What She Can't Live Without:


Favorite Snacks:

Microwave popcorn, especially caramel apple and kettle corn

Biggest Struggle:

Learning to make exercise a habit

What Motivated Her to Succeed This Time:

Death of her grandmother from a heart attack; her younger brother's battle with kidney disease

Rewards Along the "Weigh":

For every five pounds lost, she celebrated by buying herself a small reward such as nail polish, a book or a magazine.

Benefits of Weight Loss:

Feeling so much better

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