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Tom Galda
Successful Loser

Tom Galda

Pittsburgh, Pa.

Pounds Lost


Time to Do It:

About a year, including 5 months on Weight Watchers


Retired supermarket manager; now school custodian


65, married, two adult children

Maintained Weight:

Nearly 10 years

Size Change:

50 to 36 inch waist

Healthy Habits Added:

Eating only at the kitchen table and learning to slowly savor food. "Eating fast was a tough habit to break." Weight Watchers taught him that there are no forbidden foods, and showed him how to reduce portion sizes and to make smart substitutions. Now he uses applesauce in place of oil in some recipes. He substitutes water for milk and butter in others. He also eats "smaller meals, more often" and counts calories, grams of sodium and fiber in addition to tracking 48 Weight Watchers points daily.

Trigger Food:

Doughnuts. "If I eat one donut in the morning, I have a terrible time the rest of the day trying not to overeat. I can't get enough food."

Secret Weapon:

Finding support and encouragement at Sunday morning Weight Watchers meetings -- despite having achieved his goal weight. He loves the camaraderie. The meetings keep him accountable, since he doesn't want to let down his Weight Watchers friends by gaining weight.

Favorite Snacks:

Low fat popcorn which he eats one kernel at a time because "it takes a long time."

Biggest Struggle:

Weight maintenance which "is harder than losing the weight" and requires "just trying to stay where you are." While shedding pounds, "you're headed towards a goal."

What Motivated Him to Succeed:

Simple, daily tasks became difficult. "I couldn't tie my shoes without having to catch my breath…That's when I knew I was in trouble."

Rewards Along the "Weigh":

More energy and the ability to bend down and stand up again without assistance.

Benefits of Weight Loss:

No more snoring or heartburn. Also, lower blood pressure, resting heart rate and blood cholesterol. All have dropped from dangerous to healthy levels. Plus, he can shovel snow, move furniture and remodel houses. "It has made a world of difference in my life…It's like being 20 years younger."

What He's Learned From the Lean Plate Club:

"It's a bunch of little things that help out, like a little tip for inspiration." He's also discovered ways to "freshen up his routine when it gets boring."

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