Why Are We Getting Fatter?

That Americans are getting heavier is hardly a secret. A number of recent government and university studies have warned of the trend. Various reasons have been put forward in these studies, but we want to know what you think. With all the low-fat, low-calorie foods and health clubs available, why is this happening?

Weigh in with your vote on why we are getting fatter. Select one of the choices below:

 1. Americans are exercising less.
 2. The average calorie intake is rising.
 3. The definition of being overweight changed.
 4. Americans are too focused on weight, causing a reverse reaction.
 5. Americans continue to seek short-cuts to weight loss and in the end, gain more weight.
 6. More low-fat, low-calorie foods are consumed, but Americans are eating more than the daily required intake.
 7. A reliance on diet pills causes weight gain in the long-run.
 8. Americans do not make lifestyle changes, but quick fixes to lose weight.
 9. Americans are consuming more snack foods with little nutritional value and more calories.
 10. The sedentary television lifestyle is catching up to us on the scales.

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