The Best for Less

Why pay as much as the family grocery tab just to play a round of golf? You don't have to.

We asked some of the highest-priced courses in the area for their best deals. Most charge premium rates on weekend mornings but cut prices during hard-to-sell hours, particularly after 3 p.m. In addition to the weekend deals listed below, most offer considerable savings on weekdays, at midday and twilight.

For contact information on each course, see the interactive map.

Name Cost
Fairfax National Golf Club Weekends after 3 p.m., $40 (regularly $69)
Pleasant Valley Golf Club Weekends after 4 p.m., $42 (half price)
Westfields Golf Club Weekends after 3 p.m., $69 (regularly $104)
Raspberry Falls Golf & Hunt Club Weekends after 3 p.m., $67 (regularly $98)
Bristow Manor Golf Club Fridays and weekends after 4 p.m., $25 (regularly $65)
Bull Run Golf Club Weekends after 1 p.m., $70 (regularly $90)
Old Hickory Golf Club Friday to Sunday after 2 p.m., $61 (regularly $91)
Cross Creek Golf Club Weekends after 3:30 p.m., $29 (regularly $69)
Blue Mash Golf Course Friday to Sunday after 3 p.m., $59 (regularly $85)
Hampshire Greens Weekends after 3 p.m., $40 (regularly $66)

And if your credit card is maxed out and you're a week away from payday, but you gotta play a round, consider the area's two bargain-priced layouts. For other low-priced rounds, visit the interactive map and search for courses by price: $ or $$. See also the nine-hole courses shown on the map.

Name Cost
Gunpowder Golf Club $19 for 18 holes on weekends (walking)
Sterling Golf Course $25 for 18 holes on weekends (walking)

SOURCE: Compiled by Washington Post Staff Writers | Graphic: The Washington Post

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