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The Washington Post won the 2000 Pulitzer Prize in the feature photography category for coverage of the refugees in Kosovo. The winning submission for journalismís top prize includes photographs by Carol Guzy, Lucian Perkins and Michael Williamson.

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(Michael Williamson/The Washington Post)
Lucian Perkins follows U.S. soldiers serving as surrogate mayors, principals, police chiefs, social workers and even CEOs as they try to forge lasting peace in a land divided by centuries of hate.
Lucian Perkins and Carol Guzy, in Macedonia and Albania respectively, document the uncertain future of the Kosovar refugees. Includes journal entries from Perkins.
Under a new accord, NATO ceased its 11-week-old air war over Yugoslavia. This gallery depicts efforts to bring peace to the war-torn region of Kosovo.
These photos chronicle NATO airstrikes, the war's impact on Serbs and Kosovars, and world reaction to the war in Yugoslavia.
A look at Kosovo through the lens of Washington Post photographer Carol Guzy, who went to the Serbian province to chronicle the impact of the Yugoslav war on Kosovo's ethnic Albanian refugees.
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When ethnic Albanians returned to Kosovo in June 1999, they found their homes in ruins. Click the links below to explore 360-degree photographs of the devastation in the Serbian province. The plug-in versions, which are higher in quality, can be downloaded from the IPIX web site.