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  Kosovo's Killing Fields
Saturday, May 8, 1999
The State Department released a list of towns in Kosovo where Yugoslav forces have killed 100 or more ethnic Albanians. The report said more than 4,600 ethnic Albanians have been killed in Kosovo since last fall.

Displaced ethnic Albanians: 750,000 have fled Kosovo; 650,000 are displaced internally; 100,000 military-age men are missing.
Mass executions have taken place in 70 locations; more than 4,600 people reported killed.
Mass graves reported in 7 locations; 2 confirmed.
Homes destroyed or damaged in more than 500 towns and villages.

1. Bela Crkva: Up to 500 civilians killed by March 28.
2. Bruznic: 100 civilians killed since last October.
3. Djakovica: 300 killed.
4. Izbica: 270 killed since mid-March.
5. Kralan: 100 killed April 4.
6. Ljubenic: 100 killed April 8.
7. Mala Krusa: 112 men shot; bodies burned to conceal evidence.
8. Malisevo: 50,000 to 140,000 displaced people in the area bombed and strafed; town and villages burned.
9. Nakarad: 160 killed near Serb cemetery in late April.
10. Orlate: 200 men executed; village set on fire.
11. Pec: Unknown number killed in campaign of murder, looting and burning.
12. Podujevo: 200 men killed; town, villages burned.
13. Pristina: More than 200,000 Albanians expelled in early April, then detained without shelter, food, water or medicine.
14. Srbica: 140 killed; town cleared; 20,000 prisoners in munitions factory.
15. Suva Reka: Up to 350 killed; bodies burned or buried in mass graves.
16. Velika Krusa: 150 men killed; 100 other ethnic Albanians killed, some by burning in their homes.

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