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  NATO investigators are unraveling the mystery of what happened to a number of young ethnic Albanian men who disappeared in Kosovo during the three-month war in Spring 1999.

Based on survivor reports, investigators are piecing together the atrocities at Smrekovnica prison, where about 3,000 ethnic Albanians were held by Serb authorities about 20

  miles from Pristina, the provincial capital. There, the military-age Kosovars were imprisoned for several weeks with little food and subjected to repeated beatings and sweltering, crowded conditions.

For reasons that baffled some international aid officials, the Serb prison authorities released 1,000 men from the prison at the end of May, allowing

  them to walk to freedom across the Albanian border. Some were so weak and emaciated, they had to be carried to safety by comrades.

The Washington Post photographer Carol Guzy was in Kukes, Albania, when the starved Smrekovnica survivors stumbled to safety. She captured the end of their ordeal with her camera lens and presents their story.

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