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The Central Intelligence Agency
The CIA's basic information on China, with a map and facts about geography, the economy and government.

The U.S. Department of State
Country background notes for China, August 1999, from the State Department. Includes a political history.

The World Bank Group
The World Bank's report on China, which has been the largest recipient of bank aid since 1992.

Library of Congress: A Country Study
In-depth study of China with history and reports, covering government reforms, legal system, social structure, defense, industry, education.

Professional Association for China's Environment
PACE covers environment and development topics for China and provides links to related sites.

Information About China
Internet links to China maps, information on international business and trade practices and a comprehensive Chinese music archive.

Condensed China: An Introduction
An easily navigated and brief introduction to the history of China, beginning about 2200 B.C.

Beijing Tour
A quick overview of what to see in China's capital city.

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