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    The Royal Family, One Year Later (Aug. 31)
    This weekend, as Britons troop to church services and memorial marches marking the first anniversary of the fateful auto accident on Aug. 31, 1997, the national sorrow persists. What has sharply changed, though, is the public attitude toward the royal family.

    'Dianaland' – Britain's Graceland (July 11)
    The place is formally known as Althorp, but the cheeky British tabloids have come up with a more fitting name: Dianaland. On the grounds of his ancestral estate, Charles Spencer, 34, opened a shrine, museum and souvenir stand in memory of sister, Princess Diana.

    'Diana Museum' Opens at Family Estate (July 1)
    A nation still infatuated with Princess Diana will immerse itself in a flood of new memories when the "Diana Museum" opens to the public at the lavish country mansion where she grew up.

    Guard: Diana Conscious After Crash (March 3)
    Trevor Rees-Jones, the bodyguard who survived the crash that killed Diana, Princess of Wales, has told a newspaper here that he remembers hearing her calling out her boyfriend Dodi Fayed's name just after the impact.

Post Stories: Sept. 21, 1997

    Frenchman Who Drove Diana Is Buried in Home Town
    Friends and family said goodbye today to Henri Paul, the Ritz Hotel assistant security director who was driving the car in the crash that killed him, Princess Diana and her friend Dodi Fayed.
Post Stories: Sept. 20, 1997
    Diana's Guard Can't Recall Paris Crash
    French investigators today questioned Trevor Rees Jones, the lone survivor of the Aug. 31 auto crash here that killed Princess Diana, her friend Dodi Fayed and chauffeur Henri Paul, and found that Rees Jones has virtually no memory of the accident.

    Prince Charles Says Sons Are 'Coping Very Well' With Loss
    Prince Charles publicly praised his sons today for showing "enormous courage and the greatest possible dignity" after the death of their mother, Princess Diana, and, in his first appearance since the funeral of his former wife, he said that both he and the two young princes would "always feel that loss."

Post Stories: Sept. 18, 1997
Post Stories: Sept. 15, 1997
    Kitty Kelley's Palace Peek
    Kitty Kelley’s latest celebrity biography, "The Royals"—a hefty group portrait of the Windsor dynasty that the Washington writer had spent four years researching, might face even more carping and catcalls than Kelley’s exposes usually provoke.
Post Stories: Sept. 14, 1997
    The Princes and the Driver: 2 Lives Converged in Death
    The second week after Diana's death has ended with the investigation increasingly focused on Paul, who was driving the Mercedes S-280 whose crash killed all three of them. It seems clearer than ever that if Paul's path had not crossed that of the princess, they and Fayed would be alive today.

Post Stories: Sept. 11, 1997

    Diana's Driver Had Deadly Drug-Alcohol Mix
    Henri Paul's bloodstream contained a deadly mix of alcohol and drugs when the Mercedes he was driving slammed into a pillar in a highway tunnel Aug. 31, killing Princess Diana, Dodi Fayed and Paul, the Paris prosecutor's office said.

Post Stories: Sept. 10, 1997

Post Stories: Sept. 9, 1997

    British Press Pledges Restraint
    British newspapers, reacting to criticism that they had hounded Princess Diana to her death, pledged to restrain future news coverage of her two sons.

    Diana Helped Choose Ring
    Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed together picked out the diamond ring he gave her hours before they died, said the jeweler who sold them the ring.

    Paparazzi Photo Exhibit Opening in New York
    The paparazzi are plainly the villains of the hour, held accountable by the public for the high-speed crash that killed Princess Diana. But could they also be artists in spite of themselves? That is the underlying assumption of a timely two-part photography exhibit opening in New York.

Post Stories: Sept. 8, 1997

    London Still Overwhelmed With Grief
    The day after Princess Diana's funeral, the British people refused to let go of her. Cars clogged the streets and tens of thousands of mourners put on another astonishing show of emotion.

    In Their Grief, More Citizen Than Subject
    The reaction to Princess Diana's death has been dubbed the "floral revolution" — it's a cry for a new Britain that has put leaders and institutions on notice.

    Diana's Death Brings Out Good and Bad of Net
    The death of Diana, Princess of Wales, has brought to the fore the very good and the very bad of the Internet.

    The Circle of Life
    A Briton who gave birth on the day of Diana's funeral reflects on the cycle of living and dying.

Post Stories: Sept. 7, 1997

Post Stories: Sept. 6, 1997

Post Stories: Sept. 5, 1997

  • Exits of 'Iron Lady,' 'Velvet Princess' End an Era
    Public response to Diana's death has evolved into a moment that is helping to define the future of Great Britain. Two charismatic women -- Diana and former prime minister Margaret Thatcher -- have long defined the nation's public face.

  • Did Fayed Give Diana a Diamond?
    A Paris jeweler refused to comment on reports that he had delivered a $200,000 diamond ring to Dodi Fayed shortly before Fayed and Princess Diana died.

  • Diana's Route Into British History
    The funeral procession bearing the body of Princess Diana will begin Saturday at 9:08 a.m. (4:08 a.m. EDT) at Kensington Palace.

  • Elton John: Diana's Song
    As part of Princess Diana's funeral, Elton John will perform "Candle in the Wind" with new lyrics by Bernie Taupin.

  • Queen Orders Flag at Half-Staff at Palace
    Queen Elizabeth II ordered the Union Jack to be flown at half-staff over Buckingham Palace for the first time and scheduled a televised address.

  • Tidal Wave of Coverage
    From elite newspapers to lowly tabloids, the media is feasting on the aftermath of Diana's death with a spectacular coverage level.

  • A Sought-After Ticket for a Sad Occasion
    More than 2 billion people are expected to watch Princess Diana's funeral on television, but only 1,900 will attend in person.

Post Stories: Sept. 4, 1997

Post Stories: Sept. 3, 1997

Post Stories: Sept. 2, 1997

Post Stories: Sept. 1, 1997

Post Stories: Aug. 31, 1997

  • Diana, Boyfriend Killed in Paris
    Princess Diana was killed along with her boyfriend Dodi Fayed in an automobile crash in Paris as her car sped to evade photographers .

  • Hundreds Flock to Paris Scene
    Along the walls of the underground highway tunnel in which Diana was killed, hundreds of visitors gawked and talked of the night's events.

  • Diana, Fayed in the Spotlight
    The Princess of Wales endured years in the media spotlight, where Dodi Fayed was no stranger.

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